Metrop Concentrated Liquid Fertilizers

Metrop offers a wide range of concentrated liquid fertilizers that can be applied to the soil to increase plant growth and stimulate the growth and bloom of flowers and fruits. Most Metrop liquid fertilizer are free to apply and can be included in your teams. If you would like to purchase a specific amount of liquid fertilizers, you can subscribe to a plan and save money.


Metrop manufactures biomineral concentrated liquid fertilizers with a unique nutrient combination. Its proprietary process ensures that only the best products are released to the market. These fertilizers are biodegradable, contain essential minerals, and are very cost-effective. You can use them on any kind of growing medium and will see your harvest grow to its fullest size, weight, and taste.

Metrop concentrate liquid fertilizers are designed to be safe for plants to consume and have no adverse effects on human health. They have virtually no chlorine, and are free of heavy metals. Their taste is also superior to other plant feeds, which means they won’t harm your taste buds. Metrop concentrates liquid fertilizers are shipped to you within 48 hours in the Netherlands and 72 hours in Europe. Its distribution network includes a network of trading partners to ensure that the product reaches your doorstep quickly.

Full of minerals

Metrop concentrated liquid fertilizers are full of mineral-rich ingredients that help promote strong, healthy plants. These fertilizers are available in two forms: granular and liquid. Granular fertilizers are easy to use and maintain, but there are some conditions that you should avoid. In particular, you should avoid storing them in areas with high humidity. High humidity will cause the granular minerals to melt and become useless. In addition, high humidity can cause clumps to form, which will not be water-soluble.

Besides using natural products like grass, Metrop concentrated liquid fertilizers also contain minerals and trace elements that help plants thrive. These fertilizers are also biodegradable. They are also affordable.


Economical Metrop concentrated liquid fertilizers are easy to apply and contain the right blend of micro and macro-elements for a healthy and productive growing environment. These nutrients are made from biominerals and biodegradable, which is why they are environmentally friendly. They are also easy to use, and you can adjust the grow schedule accordingly.

There are several pros and cons to using liquid fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers are more expensive than granular fertilizers, but they have less salt. Granular fertilizers contain more salt, which the roots steer away from. Also, liquid fertilizers are easier to use, but the cost of conversion equipment may be a deterrent.

Fast acting

Metrop concentrated liquid fertilizers are a great way to fertilize your lawn, garden, and flowerbeds. They are fast acting, biodegradable, and easy to use. They are also fast acting on your plants and grass, but they do not improve the quality of your soil. For best results, use them regularly to improve your lawn and garden.

Metrop concentrates liquid fertilizers are available in different strengths and concentrations. They are designed specifically for the growth phase and contain high levels of phosphorus. They are also biodegradable and contain a balanced combination of nutrients.


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